Meet Faisal Ensaun

My great passion is to help people rediscover their true potential and raise their performance in every aspect of their lives.

I help my clients reframe their perspectives towards understanding and feeling their true potential to reach higher and sustained levels of performance in their personal and professional lives.

Over the past decade I have immersed myself in studying psychology, philosophy, spirituality and sciences focused on human and natural behavior and my life’s work is to serve those in need of creating a life based on their happiness, fulfillment and success. 

I sought out and obtained world-class certification as a Certified High Performance Coach from the High Performance Institute. I now bring you the most powerful and effective frameworks which has helped my clients redesign their lives towards their true potential, happiness and success.

My clients include entrepreneurs, professionals and students, The High Performance coaching framework, tools and concepts helps my clients to succeed.  Together we go step by step through a proven process that empowers them to dig deeper and together we find their truth by gaining clarity around what is most important to them at this stage of their individual lives.  Then we add on the tools and techniques to sustain sustaining a heightened level of energy, mastering productivity, reclaiming their courage and serving their loved ones and the world with a higher level of influence and inspiration.

How to Contact Me:

email:  [email protected]  

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