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18th of April 2024.
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Are you a multifamily investor who struggles with:

  • Difficulty focusing amidst numerous opportunities?

  • Overwhelm from juggling multiple paths forward?

  • Balancing the demands of your W2 job, family life, and your multifamily journey?

  • Lack of consistency?

  • Feeling like you are always busy, but not moving forward quickly enough?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then...

This training is for YOU!

Discover how to 10X your productivity and finally move the needle in your investing journey. Register here! 

Thursday, April 18th 2024
@ 9 A.M EST 

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Free Live Coaching Session
with Faisal Ensaun

Certified High Performance Coach & Educator

“This live coaching call exceeded all my expectations. I was able to clearly see and build my vision for my future and because it was a real coaching session Faisal also gently but directly enabled me to see my current blocks.
This exercise allowed me to move further in my business and personal life in the weeks after the live session.“

- Monica Orto | Designer & Consultant

Here's what you'll gain from this empowering coaching experience:

  • Focus: Discover proven strategies to enhance your focus and eliminate distractions.
  •  Opportunity Overload: Learn how to channel your energy into the right opportunities and avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Balancing Act: Uncover the secrets to harmonizing your W2 job, family life, and multifamily business.
  • Consistency: Say goodbye to inconsistency with a structured approach that breeds success.
  • Effective vs. Busy Work: Gain insights into distinguishing tasks that drive results from those that keep you busy but yield little.
What’s holding you back,
is not what you think is holding you back.

I reveal this in the live session.

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I know it sucks when things that we want, or the joyful things and relationships in our life become challenges and complexities that drain us.

Many of us find ourselves inadvertently doing everything we can to get away from the pain and frustration.

Even working more to do so.

That was me too.

I learned the hard way how my achievement was taking me further from my dreams.

Like you and many of my clients I studied for a degree or worked hard to climb the ladder in a profession and worked hard to overcome using substances and distractions to help me get through my overwhelm, lack of clarity and waiting for my past to heal before I could move forward.

After all my acheivements I was still waking up miserable. I couldn’t connect with my wife and family, I didn’t know how to start a business. I didn’t know who I am.

I spent over $40,000 and years of work to get me THERE and I wasn’t anywhere close to the “HERE” I wanted.

I sat with my problems and wondered...“Then maybe I'm the problem.” 
I'm ambitious. I can work. And I can do a lot of things, but I realized at some point I've been given the skillset to do the job, but I haven't been taught how to live.

I haven't been taught how to be happy. I haven't been taught how to connect with other people. Haven't been taught how to move towards my dreams. I haven't been taught how to focus on the goals that matter to me. I haven't been taught any of that stuff.

In my search to end my pain and frustration with myself and my situation I found the High Performance Institute. High Performance Institute is the world's leading training center on the subject of human high performance. With science based studies from over 30,000 ceos, professionals and athletes in over 195 countries, six clear practices were unearthed and studied. 

This was so life changing for me I changed my career and became a certified coach from the High Performance Institute six years ago.

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“Everything that I’ve been able to accomplish over the last year has really come by way of coaching with Fasial.”

- Julie Holly
Three Keys Investments & Ask Me How I Know Podcast

“In order to have a complete and abundant life there is all different aspects of it. It’s all emcompassing. It’s amazing actually. I totally recommend going through this just for yourself. Everyone has their goals, their long term goals, short term goals but this just puts everything together.”
- Greg

“I felt like my mind was in one place and I it wanted to be in another and I didn’t know how to get there. I attended one of Faisal’s sessions and it just clicked.

If you feel as if your thoughts and everything that is going on is like a tornado I promise everything falls into place. I promise that he will open up your mind. We have it in us we just need somebody to help us turn that switch on or open that door and I promise that he can do that for you. “

- Suzy Sevier
Adventurous Real Estate Investor & Podcast Host 

If you're skeptical about signing up for another online training or webinar, I get it and have something different to offer.

This is a live coaching session and exercise I offer each month to help you get past your blocks and conditioning and reframe your life and goals to what truly matters.

There will be real humans there too. Professionals, investors and influencers. Others who are working at and have achieved high standing in their careers and endeavors. But just like you are also still struggling with what’s next.

“This is something I know I needed but I didn’t know where to find it. I found Faisal and I am so glad I did. I can see the end and Faisal helped me with this. And I can see it happening now."
- Roxanne

Many of my clients are also well read and educated and we all have access to the world of information at our fingertips. So why do we still struggle with daily practice and our performance?

I’ll explain this in the training. 

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(not just what you need to achieve)


This is a safe space to share and learn with other professional and growing individuals just like you. Nothing is shared outside of this Zoom meeting. We are all here to accept each other and ourselves where we are now, without judgment or criticism.

You’re not alone. We’ll walk through and learn it together. You will grow. You will experience a feeling of expanded potential and possibility. You may also be faced with some truths you can’t see blocking you.

Join us for 2 hours Thursday, April 18th
for a life-shifting exercise.


Be deeply connected & clear about who you are and what you want. Register now!

April 18th, 2024

Because this is a live small group coaching exercise and session there are very limited spots available to make sure everyone gets the time they need.


This is a safe space to share and learn with other professional and growing individuals just like you. Nothing is shared outside of this zoom meeting and we are all here to accept each other and ourselves where we are now. No judgements or criticisms.

You’re not alone and we will walk through and learn it together. I look forward to seeing you there!