From Moving to Making Moves: How Cindy Byler Military Spouse and R.E Investor Made Her Way

Mar 21, 2023

Faisal: All right. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Wherever you are out in the world or in the U.S. This is a new series that I'm starting for my podcast or my YouTube channel. And the purpose behind it is I described it to Cindy as well, is that one of the things that I've seen as the kind of growth that my clients have had over the past few years, it's very hard to describe, especially like I, even if I described it to people, it sounds like, oh, I'm saying all this stuff isn't really true.

But whenever I've had my clients, whether I've been at events or they've seen a testimonial or something like that, when people listen to that and watch it, especially if it's on video and they seem like the change that they've gone through, it has helped my other clients and other people in general.

So part of it is, yeah, this is gonna help me connect with more people. To me, I look at the sales and marketing process, the service process, because unless I'm reaching out to people, people are seeing me. They have no way of finding out what I can do for them. So for me, it's service. And so really getting people to understand.

Why do people think about going into coaching? Or why do people think about getting any kind of support? So part of it is the coaching support, which is what we're gonna focus on. But why do investors, high performers, professionals, and people who are trying to get ahead, trying to create a better life for themselves, better businesses for themselves, and a better quality of relationships, Why do they even think about getting support?

And I would rather my clients tell you that. Why did they choose it? Because I have to be honest, some of the stuff, I'm not gonna know what Cindy's gonna say cuz we literally have not prepared. She jumped on and she might be a little bit nervous and I'm a little bit nervous too cuz I don't know what's gonna come out.

You might say like, Hey, I did not like what you took me down what you did to me. So we're gonna be directly vulnerable with what we learned. And you might see some tears from me or from Cindy, or maybe from both, or maybe not. I don't know. We don't know what's gonna happen, but we're just gonna go on this journey with you.

And I'll start this off with Cindy, and maybe, we'll start from the beginning. Like, before you even thought about coaching or any of this stuff, What was your life like before you thought of getting any kind of support and what made you even think about like, oh, maybe I need to go into something like this?

Cindy: Yeah, so my life was… I was rediscovering myself honestly. I am a military spouse and we move a lot, and I used to be a music teacher. I decided to become a music teacher when I was in eighth grade. I was in the process of reinventing myself as a military spouse, we move a lot, and my original career as a music teacher wasn't working out.

So I did choose to go into real estate investing. Because passive income through real estate that's a quote-unquote job that I could take with me wherever we go. But I was struggling internally about it because that's not what I set out to do. Like why do my dreams and aspirations have to change?

So I was struggling quite a bit. And so that was prior to coaching. When I went into real estate, to start from the beginning, I met you through Julie, actually, I don't know if you remember that. So Julie was doing a book club and I was in the like consume all the things phase, like podcasts all day, books all day.

And we were doing a book club and she's like, Hey guys, come meet my friend Faisal. He is awesome. I was like, oh, okay. And turns out a lot of people showed up that day. The funny part is. I don't know if you remember this either, but I was off-camera for the majority of it. I may have even missed some of this.

Faisal: I remember that very clearly. 

Cindy: And so when I come in on camera, I'm like, Hey guys, I'm waiting in line to get my Covid test. This was like back when Covid was new and scary and like really bad in our minds. And so, and, and then I tested positive Anyways, good times, good times. That was our first encounter, but I was really disappointed that I missed a good portion of it because of all the craziness.

I really enjoyed what we had done with the vision exercise. And I was like, I need clarity, and I guess just that little bit of taste of Faisal really got me wanting more and I had already read High-Performance Habits with Julie in the book club, and you were a high-performance habits coach.

And I was like, okay, let's see where this can go. And actually, my friend Susie was on that call too, so like, we got together and said let's do this. And so yeah. The rest is history. 

Faisal: Yeah. Susie and you both joined together? I remember that. And it's interesting how that brings back those memories. And it was clear.

I still remember what ended up happening. By the way, Julie's still running that book club for those who know Julie Holly. She does an amazing job. I still show up there too. And we actually did a masterclass recently to connect it to one of the books. And so you mentioned that you only got a small portion of like, what I was trying to do, and you talked about the vision piece.

What was it about? Because part of it was teaching part of it. I was actually walking you guys through a process. So what was it about that that made you think, oh, I need more. 

Cindy: I just came to the realization that I was literally just taking it day by day, surviving day by day, and I didn't know why, like what was starting as like a means to an end in real estate, like I needed something I can take with me.

I was just like, that's not good enough. I need to see the bigger picture here. And I felt like you could help me see the bigger picture and then reverse engineer from there so that I could. I guess more purpose and motivation in what I was doing because I was conflicted at the time. 

Faisal: Yeah, yeah. Did it help that your friend was joining the program too? I'm curious. 

Cindy: Yeah. I'm not gonna lie. Like we got together and we were like, Hey, so what do you think? Should we do this? Should we not? And she asked me, are you doing it? Like, I think so, and so we kind of just committed together and it was definitely helpful and encouraging to see her on that call each week for sure.

Faisal: Yeah. that's awesome. That's really cool to know. And I'm gonna be doing this call with Susie as well, she agreed to do too. It'll be interesting to hear her take. How she went through it. And, both you and Susie, I think you stayed about a year in the program, and both of you were part of the group coaching program and there was a little bit of one-on-one. I think there were two or three sessions that you got as a bonus. One-on-one. Yeah. So, so tell me a little bit about it, and by the way, you don't need to sugarcoat anything. So whoever's listening to this, there is no preparation here, right? Right. I actually like some of the details you were sharing.

 I didn't know that you and Susie talked in the background. I knew that you were friends, but I didn't know you made a decision together and So as you jumped in okay, you have a friend, you're jumping into this program that might give you clarity, and help you with the bigger picture. Then what happened as you jumped in?

Like, did you expect that it would be like this? Did you expect that it would be different? Like what was happening as you were going through? 

Cindy: Well, we started out with one-on-one. and I really enjoyed the exercise that we went through in not only creating a vision but like the details of the vision.

Like, okay, you wanna dream home? Well, what kind of tile are you gonna have, you know, what kind of windows, where's the location? and for you to like really dig deep and make me like, seek those details out, I was like, oh, you know, there's a lot more to be discovered here. . And of course, you know, our weekly exercises were really cool experiences and, you know, brought some realizations to me that I didn't realize needed to be addressed.

Faisal: Yeah. By the way, is your home in Hawaii right now? Part of that, was that part of your vision or not? I'm curious. 

Cindy: No, actually Hawaii's nice, don't get me wrong. But this wasn’t the vision for me, my husband's in the military, and we kind of go where they tell us to go. Something that I realized in our journey together is, this is the second time I've lived here.

And the first time I was here, I had a rather semi-traumatic event happen in my personal life. And it's weird how we ended up here again. We wanted to get closer to home, closer to our business. The last time I was here, I lost somebody very important to me and I wasn't able to say goodbye. And honestly, there's a part of me that fears something similar will happen again.

Especially like my dad had three heart attacks, you know, this year and, and there's that distance piece and but oddly enough, I've found that this new experience. I think there's gonna be more healing to be had because a lot of those emotions and what I believe to be also in the mix of all that craziness non diagnose postpartum depression.

And my husband and I are also working through some things that happened during that time. And I, I feel like I'm gonna see everything in a different light. I am not the same person I was five years ago. And through your program, I've been able to really. You know, dig deep and attack those issues, I guess.

And I feel like I'm more equipped to, you know, move past that so that I can become a bigger and better version of myself. I hope that makes sense. But I, I'm excited, like, you know, God has plans for me here. I, I thought that this would be harder for me to operate my business, but really the time difference, what I thought was gonna be my biggest obstacle has been the biggest blessing because I just tell everybody, Hey, contact me after lunchtime your time. And then when I normally, you know, would be on networking calls or masterminds in the evenings and my husband's putting the kiddos to bed. I'm now done by four or five o'clock in the afternoon and then I have my evenings with my family and that it's so cool.

So I'm experiencing the benefits of passive income. you know, that we have been able to create these last four years, and now, Hawaii's kind of bringing a new light of, you know, what that truly means. 

Faisal: Yeah. Thank, thank you for sharing that. I, I think that's, and and I'm sorry about the losses that you've had, and I know part of it you were, as you were going through the program, I was aware of some of the so one, one of the things that kind of, as we went through the program I still remember there was this one session where you were kind of battling between your, you being a music teacher in real estate and you're trying to figure out your purpose in the midst.

And I know that you had a realization around that. Cause I still remember the face when that. It's interesting how it's so clear to me. It's so, yeah, tell us like, cuz you were saying that we dug deeper, but what is it, what really happened that helped you dig deeper and what were the realizations that, cause it seems like you were.

At least from what I hear you are adapting better cuz your life can be very hectic. Like as a military spouse, you are constantly moving even at that time as you were sharing and, and like whoever I've worked with who are like in that position, and I've worked with a few veterans too, and their families, and when you look at that, that's a very hard life to adjust to constantly moving, not having the certainty.

Not knowing where you're gonna live and actually, the social life gets all out of whack. And your kids in the picture are so many things in there, so many challenges. So what I hear is that you have become better at adapting to that. And then, let us see if we can connect to that purpose piece.Cuz I think somehow we can. 

Cindy: So when I read a book Faisal I wanna look for at least one to two, like big things, big takeaways from that book, and then that I'm gonna apply. And so when I think of our year of coaching together, have two big things for sure that I took away from our relationship and the group coaching.

And the first one was my mindset shift around my identity and my purpose and what I was doing, which is huge. Like I say that like it's nothing but it. It's huge. And that goes back to like the shift between being a music teacher and a real estate investor. And I'll go back to that. And then the second one.

you know, my losing my mentor and the grief around that, which actually in a lot of reflection have come together those two pieces. And like I am a freaking force to reckon with now and like that is what it is. Like I've got this purpose and I have the reason behind it and how I wanna pay it forward.

And when the two come together, like those hard. They're a piece of cake and it's what keeps me going. So I thank you for that. Like, seriously. 

Faisal: Well, you're welcome. And I knew I was gonna get teared up more than you

So it was, it was funny when we started the conversation, Cindy's here is like, you have a way of getting me to cry. I'm like, you never know. I might be the first one to do that. That's the reason why I was like, to me it was funny. So I was in a negotiation. The conversation was probably one of the most important deals that I've been working on for my mastermind.

And we're testing out the coaching process and they're, we're collecting surveys and we finally get one testimonial with a video testimonial. and that one of their clients I work with one-on-one and I play it. I just had a thought to just play it. I didn't think much ahead of that. I just played it in front of them.

And as the c o is there, a couple of the other team members are there. And as the video's going by, I'm like I can't control what's happening because I'm connecting to what he thinks. I watched his journey and they're just watching me, and at the end I like, This is really important to me because, I mean, I struggled with a lot of these things.

Growing up I struggled with a lack of purpose, with a lack of. Understanding what my path is and so many confusing thoughts and contradictions. I didn't know where I fit in the grand scheme of things. So many changes that were happening and a lot like you. Well for you it's a consistent move, but for me, it was a huge cultural shock coming from another side of the world to this side of the world.

And as a young man, I didn't know how to navigate and I didn't know anybody who could help me with that stuff. So when I like to watch my clients go through that, to me that's like, personally it means so much. So thank you for sharing. And this is really important because a lot of that, even when we're kind of thinking about it, we might not think much of it.

Like, I love what you said, that you are forced to be reckoned with. So how does that impact you? You like it because one of the things you shared is that when challenges come when hard times come, you are able to deal with them better. Now if you were to specifically look at it like, 'cause there are ups and downs in business and I know you've dealt with a fair share of that cuz you share quite a bit of that on social media too, and with your kids, with your family. Like how does it shows up and how are you able to manage it?

Cindy: Well, here's the thing you, you always hear in business about, like, find your why. You know, it's, it'll light up that fire and it'll keep you going, but like, that sounds cool and all. But like, what does that mean? And it wasn't until, you know, our experiences together that like I progressively, it didn't happen all at once, honestly, that I progressively realized what my why was.

So going back to my identity I felt very much attached to my W2 and I hated that I gave it up. I almost felt like I had to, like for another purpose, my family, which is really Freezing, right? I love my husband, you know, we're gonna make this work. And so what I realized is that at the end of the day, I wanted to make a difference.

Like that's why I became a music teacher. And I loved that music teachers stay with their students for multiple years at a time, and they really get to have an impact on them. But the reality was is I am not planted in any one place. I am nomadic. and that was never going to be a reality for me. And then to take that shift and be like, wait a minute, you know, here in real estate investing, I can be that constant despite the nomadic state of being.

And so I started to dig into that, like, how can I make an impact on our hometown? And I started to think about it. Young Cindy on the streets of Addison, where I would collect pop bottles to meet my most basic needs because, you know, I grew up in poverty and how honestly worthless I felt because of my circumstances.

and that makes me really sad. It makes me really sad for that Cindy. And I'm like, you know what? And thankfully go going back to my mentor, she came in and declared value in my life. I had that external force saying, Uhuh, Cindy, you have so much to give. You have so much potential. Don't you dare believe that lie!

And through all these realizations. I'm like, you know what? I am going to be that person who comes in And even if it's just in the form of housing because when you grow up in a one-stoplight town, that's all you know. You don't realize like, that's not good. I'm gonna come in.

I'm gonna raise the standard of living. I'm gonna declare value in their lives. and you know, that was just, that was just the surface. There have been so many experiences outside of that have allowed me to, you know, have that impact. And I have an even bigger vision for that business as well that will continue to declare value. 

And I have to share this, like nobody hardly anyone knows, but you know, God's opening up these doors, and my husband, he grew up Amish and he recently graduated with his doctorate. And people know we're invested in this town. And so I was like, honey, I need to do a write-up on you.

It's totally not his style, but I need to do this write-up and put it in the paper so that people of Addison know. That you can go out and do what you set your mind to and you can achieve your dreams despite your current circumstances. And so I did the writeup to my surprise, that ends up on the front newspaper, the front page of the newspaper, which was really cool.

And that same day admin from, from our high school, cuz we're high school sweethearts, they reach out to me and they say, Hey. Can Jonas come to be our keynote speaker here at graduation? We think he could inspire so many people. And I'm just like, whoa. It's happening. It's happening. Like, you know, you just, another thing I learned from you, like, don't worry about the how.

You have gotta worry about the what. And I'm seeing this unravel. Like I know what we wanna accomplish and I just believe. It will be provided. And I, I don't always know what that's gonna look like, but I'm really excited for my husband to like, get up there and inspire the heck out of, you know, the young students graduating this summer.

And Mark's 15 years since he graduated. But I truly believe that just. , more and more of those types of opportunities are going to plant themselves in our lives. And I'm really excited about what is to come. And honestly, my footprint for impact is way larger than it could have been as a music teacher confined in the classroom.

Faisal: That's so incredible. And that's what I, one of the things, and, and you might not know from my perspective because. Then, whenever I'm listening to this, I think this is why I missed you talking about these things cuz you would talk like this you would talk exactly like this in the group coaching calls, but I don't think you noticed what you were saying.

I don't think you realized what you were actually saying. And, for me, a lot of that became like, because we, we all say incredible things, but we don't know that we are. it, it is, it's very odd. And once it, unless it becomes solidified in our identity, as you said. We don't know how we show up out in the world.

And, and I really wanna honor you and, and, and for you to have the courage, first of all, to be so vulnerable and share all that stuff, but actually stepping into that identity and, and expanding your vision the way you've had. And, and it's like a, a lot of times I share like who my ideal clients are and, and you are like you, you are the leader who can actually expand your vision.

Your potential is actually much higher than you, you can conceive even what you're conceiving is probably very little based on what you can actually do, but it's solidified right now. It's become a part of your being. It's become a part of your normal, normal life, versus a lot of the times when we were on calls, there was a, at least I sensed there was a disconnect from what you were saying and who you were actually showing up to.

You hadn't solidified that identity. I wonder did you feel that in the beginning? 

Cindy: Oh yeah, absolutely. I was in a place of discovery and almost like convincing myself, you know, and that's okay. That's okay. Like, you're not gonna necessarily have a come to Jesus moment in like in, in like this, you know, moment.

It's a journey and it's a process. And if I'm being honest, I'm still in discovery mode. And that's what's so cool about professional development. Like you, you don't want to be stagnant. I think a year or two ago, one of my business partners kept calling me up, like, Hey, let's get involved in this. Let's get involved in that. And I would have hesitations I really love fellow entrepreneurs because they will challenge you and he got real with me. He goes, Cindy, what is your hesitation? He goes, I see more potential in you than you see in you. Sheesh, I'm like, oh goodness. Like, don't call me out like that.

Like, and then it got me thinking that we are our own worst enemies. And we constantly, you know, doubt ourselves. I mean, maybe I'm, I'm not speaking for the masses, but I think it's more true than not that we get in our own way and 

Faisal: oh, it's definitely, I've talked to quite a few people and pretty much that's more of a norm than the exception.

It's actually if I were to kind of look back. I actually haven't talked to anybody who's not their own enemy in the sense that they're not purposely doing that to themselves, just that their thoughts are so so wrapped up in all these things that they're not able to see what's right in front of them.

And what's right in front of them is the gift is like, like one of the things I annoy my relatives with whenever they get lottery tickets. I'm like Did you know that the fact that you're here, there's much less chance of you being here than you get a lottery ticket? And sometimes I've said that to my sister-in-law a lot, and she'll look at me.

Are you gonna put money into this? You are the lottery ticket, but a, anyway, and I believe that because the chances of us being here, somebody actually, there was a researcher who actually tried to measure that in probability wise, I think it was a one in trillion something. It was a stupid big number that we would be at this time on this planet with the kind of parents that we came up with, the kind of circumstances that we had.

Forward. It's a much higher, much, much lower chance of you actually being alive at this moment than you getting some opportunity or getting something that we're all seeking. And that's why we're always looking for external validation. But what you found was the gift. That's, it sounds cliche, but once you actually see that, you're like, holy shoot, I don't need to look outside anymore. I am the one who actually creates all this. Mm-hmm.

Cindy: Absolutely. And I, you know, This is another cliche, like, I'm thankful for the struggles that I've had, like, you know, in my childhood and just growing up and, and really having to fight to even go to college, like having to work so many hours to the point that I fell asleep at the wheel and somehow survived that event type of thing.

And it was just like, I'm realizing as my journey unfolds that those experiences, keep me humble. And they are what allow me to be compassionate and relate to so many different people and the circumstances that they are in, and that allows me to truly live out my purpose and be able to pay it forward.

Faisal: Yeah. And I, and I love that you're going out there and doing that. I'm curious about a couple of things. So you're also, you're, you're a mom and I want you to speak a little bit to that. Mm-hmm. I know there were quite a few conversations that we went into and that's a very challenging area, especially for moms because especially for somebody who is a professional who's going out there doing things and you have ambitions.

How did that whole identity shift or the coaching process or what we went through affect your role as a mom and maybe it didn't affect you, I don't know. I'm just curious. 

Cindy: Yeah, that's a good point. And you're, you're jogging my memory that that is something we brought up and I know I had issues with how not present I was.

I think I've made some progress. I know I've made progress. I think I was just so often living in the future that I had trouble realizing what was right in front of me. And I guess as a mom, you know, As an entrepreneur, especially just starting out, you're so consumed by so many different things and I think now that like we're four years in, I'm not as consumed.

It's not as like, oh my gosh. So that has been helpful, but I've also learned to kind of integrate my children into that picture and keep things in perspective. Like my children are now five and seven. and they've gone to properties with me and they've watched me work. I'll never forget the time my daughter as she came to a property that had, you know, had a lot of work done on it and I was checking on it and she just like kind of tugs on me and she looks up at me with like eyes of admiration and she goes, mom, are you the boss here?

And I was just I guess like, but it was just, it was really cool to like kind of feel that from her because I had done a stay-at-home mom for three years prior to this or prior to teaching anyway. And I just remember dad coming home and he got all the hugs and it's like, what, what am I, like chop liver

And so to feel that kinda admiration come from my daughter and, and then she goes to these properties and she's helping me scrub you know, these nasty, they were brand new cupboards three weeks ago, but then a tenant came in and made it worse and she goes, mom, how in the world could people live like this? And I'm like, I don't know, honey, but I bet you never will

And so like, you know, there's just all those little lessons. We were out on a hike the other day. She's so extroverted like her mom, and they go to meetups with us too. Like they're living this life. She, we play cash flow together and they know what R O I mean at like age five and but we're out on a hike.

I'm not talking about real estate at all or investing. And she goes, hi, how are you? Yeah, we hike a lot we're used to this cuz sometimes we go home and we stay in one of my mommy's properties, she's a real estate investor and there are some woods nearby, and the guy like perks up he goes, real estate investor.

And then all of a sudden I start nerding out with him. Apparently, he's in a class back in Texas learning how to become a real estate investor. And here's my little daughter seven years old being that connection, like she's eating it up and I'm like, okay, I need you, I need to take you out with some business cards. Let's go baby girl. 

Faisal: So what I, what I hear there is that you, and you said, integrate, I love that because you and, and this is what ends up happening. We don't notice these things. As we become clear about our path as we start to go towards our own purpose, as we start to take action toward what matters to us.

and we start to see our role as a leader. We naturally actually integrate other people that matter to us. And I think that's probably one of the best parts of like, people don't realize, cuz a lot of parenting nowadays has become, well, how can we give everything to kids? But actually, the reality, if you go back to how human beings, like for generations for thousands of years, parenting.

Kids were incorporated pretty much into every aspect of life. They weren't like kind of safeguarded from things like they were part of your trials. They were part of you like even little kids, they were always in a pouch. And those I forget what we call, we even had that. but they would, the moms would be gathering stuff, farming, or doing whatever.

They were doing, they were part of that experience from the little kid that they were all the way to, and as they got older, they saw how their parents were. Cuz that's how human beings learn what life is about. You're modeling that for them, which is really powerful. I really love that.

Cindy: Thank you.

Now we're going to the next level and integrating my husband, like of course he's been involved in the background this whole time, but he graduated back in December and now he's like, all right, I'm ready to dig into the books. I'm like, no, you, you're not just coming in to take over. Okay, sir. But we have chosen, we invested in some education and we're learning more about commercial real estate cuz that's, He's been bigger like he's a very good visionary.

You know, for me it takes some work. He does good. Actually, he even envisioned being a keynote speaker at one point, and I was surprised. He's like, oh, I always thought, I'm like, really? You, you thought about that? So that was cool. But we're learning commercial real estate together and we're two very different people.

I'm very extroverted and he's introverted. And so as much as this is about real estate I feel like it's a marriage exercise too, and it's like we're figuring it out together. At first he, you know, you come up with an accountability group that would supposedly be your GP team, potentially, and he goes, I think we need an A, we need to be in different accountability groups.

Because I think he was afraid that he might be overshadowed by me, especially as someone who's been in the investor world for a while. and this group happened to be quite familiar to me. I'm like, honey, that first, that defeats the whole purpose here. I just might as well throw in the towel now.

But we got on a couple of calls together. It turns out I can shut up for a minute. Like it was hard. But it's possible. 

Faisal: That's hilarious. So I wanna, cuz we're getting to the end of our time and I want to get get you to share a little bit about yourself too so people can connect with you. And for those who are listening, if you are a military spouse, if you are going into real estate, I know Cindy, you created some programs as well for people, so I want them to get in touch with you as well.

But before we go there, I know you've so that Cindy has recommended quite a few people to come work with me, and I'm really appreciative of that, of that trust. So I'll ask you in twofold this question. One, do you feel like coaching really helps people move ahead in life? Does it create help, create results?

And why did you feel like you were comfortable enough to send all those people? 

Cindy: Yes, I think for me, I didn't know what I was getting into. I just knew that there was something more to be discovered. and honestly like it's hard for me to come on here and describe exactly what was discovered as a whole, like what, 40 minutes or whatever it might be.

There's so much you, you just don't know what you don't know. And some, sometimes, actually a lot of times it's very helpful for somebody on the outside. to come in and pry a little bit cuz they're gonna, you know, we have these thoughts all day, every day, but we need somebody to come and sort of like, interrupt that and help us see outside of ourselves.

I hope that makes sense, but you helped do that for me. You helped me realize this. you know, there were things that were unaddressed that I needed to address and through working, you know, going to a grief class, like who does that, who at the age of 28, going to a grief class, I had a forgiveness problem I needed to forgive somebody.

It just unravels you and unravels you and when you can like get down to that purest form and you can get that all that garbage out. It's really cool what you can do. Accomplish when you grasp on to that, you know? So it just helps you become the best version of yourself. I know the one person I sent to you, like, he was on calls with us every week and we just couldn't get through to him.

And you know, I think in entrepreneurship there's always that like, Hey, go quit your job type thing. But like, we could see. You know, he's a go-getter and he's gonna be amazing at this. Just like, make it happen, dude. And I was like, dude, you need, you need Faisal. You need Faisal. Like you lack clarity and we all know you have what it takes.

Just like, go talk to him, and then I think after the first conversation he had with you, he goes, oh, by the way, I put my two weeks in. And like, what? Like, yeah, we, he had a group of people just like come in at him for a long time. I'm talking months. And then like one conversation with you and boom. And you know, like, it was really cool to see him over this past year.

And I know this isn't about him, but it just, I'm thankful, I trust you. I do. I know. that there's gonna a lot be a lot of good that comes from that. And even though he experienced that usual entrepreneur dry spell, like all of a sudden, every other week or actually every week at this point, it seems like he's selling another property.

He's putting another property under contract. Like he's killing it. He is experiencing what we knew he could. He just needed to make that connection. And I think you were it. 

Faisal: Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. And, and I know who you were talking about, but it was funny. Because I didn’t know that happened. So he never told me that he quit, cuz we did that one session.

And usually, I do, especially if it comes from a referral, I'll give it as a gift to them, like as a gift from you to them, because you were the one who saw that they needed that support and he went through the session. I knew he had a huge realization and I didn't hear from him for a little bit.

And when you told me that later on, I sent him a, sent him a message. I was following up with him Like, Hey, it looks like you did that. and he says, yeah, there's so much going on there. He was doing a lot of stuff with just that one session. And then finally he reached out to me for about four plus months and he is like, you know, I, I can't get that conversation outta my, in my head is like, if that one conversation had that effect, what would happen to my life?

And more so he is like, how, how do I do this? And to me, like I'm not attached to whether come to me for support or go somewhere else. Cuz a lot of times people might need that one conversation to move forward. But if they are somebody who is, if somebody's going on a long-term journey. Coaching is, is one of the most powerful processes that I truly believe in cuz I've gone through that process.

I'm continuing to go through that. A lot of times when I'm events, when I'm offering the coaching services that we have, it's like there was one event last year I was doing that. I didn't realize that in my head, but I'm like, you know, I believe in this so much that I have a conscious parenting coach.

I have a high-performance coach, I have a couples coach, and I'm going. I'm a business coach. I'm like, oh shit. I have too many coaches. Cause I'm like, I don't like spending on that. But I know that the investment, the ROI on this is so huge. Because I've seen it over and over. It's much bigger than a lot of the other things.

And initially, whether you're an entrepreneur or investor or whoever you are, the initial investment in is in yourself. Because if we can, if you can declutter clutter, what's inside of you, if you can get focused on what truly matters to you I would say that to anybody. I truly believe that what you have inside of you is incredibly powerful, and that's the process of coaching.

It's very hard to describe even for you as you're trying to do that. It's an experiential process. You have to go through it to understand it. And we're kind of coming to the time, but I do wanna give you an opportunity to share how can people find you and connect with you and, and, and, and whether they're investors or people from your niche that you're working.

Cindy: Sure, absolutely. Well, first of all, if anyone's going through a transition, reach out to P Saw. He's amazing. he'll help you find clarity and, you know, Take off like a rocket. But you can reach me at, m e e t cindy That will take you to my website. I do have a course, a mini course that helps people find off-market deals.

And it also takes you to all my social media links too, It's awesome. So you just go there and you. Feel free to reach out to me. I do have LinkedIn on there. I'm not really there. like I'm such 

Faisal: a, put all the links, well put all the links below. For you. So you'll be able to connect with Cindy and definitely connect with Cindy because like she just, you talking to Cindy, I know that it will elevate you to a different level.

And I know she's doing a lot of amazing things out in the world and, and I'm always, always thinking about, I'm like, oh yeah. I'm so glad Cindy's on that path because you're impacting a lot of people. So thank you for your out in the world, and thank you for trusting me on that path. And thank you for jumping on this call and taking the time to do this.

Cindy: It was so good to talk to you again Faisal 

Faisal: you too, talk to you soon take Care Cindy. Bye.

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