Communication as the Basis for Relationships

Nov 21, 2022

Are you having a hard time connecting in relationships? Struggling with establishing trust within a business, with family, with friends, or even with your kids? 

If you are saying one thing but your body language says another, people pick up on that.  7% of communication is on our words the rest is body language and tonality. 

If you're not aware of your thoughts if you're not aware of how you're reacting to people And if there are consistently negative thoughts then that's the attitude that shows up when you're around other people.


By taking the time to dig deep within yourself and discover what’s happening in the background, it brings an awareness of How you are feeling, What your body language is saying and How you are expressing yourself to others Whatever thoughts you have on a consistent basis, whatever feelings you have, show up in how you treat those around you.


To build trust and grow within an opportunity, it’s essential to work on yourself and be clear on your vision. Having that clarity and focus, you are able to express to others your feelings, and what you working towards. 


Find out more by watching the full episode 

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