What's Your New Year Resolution?

Jan 04, 2024


Greetings, Extraordinary Friends!


As we stand at the threshold of a brand new year, I'm pleased to embark on a journey of growth and empowerment with each of you. Happy New Year! Today, I want to dive into the art of turning your New Year's resolutions into life-altering transformations, providing you with a blueprint to make 2024 a year of meaningful change.


Reflecting on Resolutions: The Power of Intention


The episode began with a simple yet profound question: What are your New Year's resolutions for 2024? In a world filled with skepticism about the longevity of resolutions, we challenged the narrative and asserted that success is within reach with the right mindset and strategic approach.


Crafting a Vision: Beyond Goals to Personal Transformation


A powerful life doesn't start with mere goals; it begins with a crystal-clear vision. We delved into the importance of creating a vision that resonates with your soul—the kind of vision that not only outlines what you want but who you want to become. A vision that transcends the material and taps into the core of your being.


Strategic Planning: The Art of Turning Dreams into Reality

Your vision needs a roadmap, a strategic plan that breaks down the grandeur into actionable steps. We explored the necessity of strategic planning, forming habits, and navigating the intricate balance between personal, professional, and entrepreneurial pursuits.


Social Support: Thriving Together in a Community


"No person is an island," and this sentiment couldn't be truer when it comes to personal growth. We emphasized the invaluable role of social support—surrounding yourself with a community that understands your vision and strategy. Join us, collaborate, and grow together!


Action: The Catalyst for Transformation


A vision without action is merely a wish. The final piece of the puzzle is taking meaningful action. We discussed understanding your needle-moving actions, refining strategies, and the importance of seeking support. The call to action? Start your journey with purpose and determination.


Conclusion: Your Year of Growth Awaits


This year is an unwritten canvas waiting for your brushstroke. Let's discard the skepticism, break free from the norm, and craft lives that truly matter. The journey starts now—2024 is yours for the taking!


Wishing you a year filled with growth, achievement, and unparalleled success!




What's your New Year's resolution?

[00:00:00] Hello, amazing, beautiful friends I am so excited to do this short training for you. And really my question to you is what is your new year's resolution for 2024. And before I jump into that , happy new year.

[00:00:15] So great to Have you here in this year and really my intention this year is to serve more to to pump out more content to support you more. I have a lot of plans around this to to serve and support anybody who's trying to build a life by design any investor who is accelerating their path or they're in the transition process, or if you're an entrepreneur, you're in a transition process from your job to your business.

[00:00:41] Because that's what I've done the past decade., I jumped in from an engineering world towards a coaching and training and influencer world and I had went through a big transition in the past decade. I've been able to create a couple of successful businesses. I've been able to create a life that truly matters to me, a freedom that truly matters to me and income that that takes care of everything that I want my investments.

[00:01:04] The way I've been able to create that is by having a vision, a plan, an intention and a support structure that matters to me. But I'll go into that in a little bit. I want you to think about what is your new year resolution for 2024. Now you might hear a lot of pessimism out in the world. Don't have a resolution.

[00:01:25] You're going to quit on it. Well, the facts are that most people do quit on their resolution, but there are people who move forward. What's different about them? What do they do differently? And, and. I don't want you to jump into the pessimism path, have your resolution, create the intention for the year, for the next quarter, for the next month and really follow through.

[00:01:44] But how are you going to follow through? We all fall into all sorts of challenges from procrastination to to having challenges with focus, having challenges with consistency, having challenges in balancing so many things in our life from our businesses to jobs and business and family and so many things.

[00:02:03] And we don't know how to navigate that. So you might even start with an intention with a resolution to, I don't know, be in a better shape than you were before, or create a business or create a new direction for your life, whatever that might look like. But pretty soon, you will fall off, not because you're meant to fall off or that's your normal trend, just because it's mostly because you just don't know what to focus on, don't know what to do yet.

[00:02:31] And of course, it starts with an intention. So like I said, have your New Year's resolution. Don't don't worry about what other people say you're going to fail or something, or I want to work through a couple of things for you to pay attention to for you to make that New Year's resolution a reality for yourself and also support other people around you.

[00:02:50] So first of all, I did a training, a coaching session for two hours, and it was a free coaching session. Plus, I had another. Supplemental training attached to it around productivity mastery. You want to get access to that. And if you haven't gone through that, just type hashtag mass productivity below so I can give you access to that.

[00:03:11] That's going to get you get started with your new years in an incredibly different way. It's going to get you to go away from just focusing on tools and little things that people do here and there, but actually focus on where do you need to focus your attention, those needle movers in your life to help you move forward.

[00:03:29] So it's a group live group session that I did a couple of weeks ago. It was very powerful and I'm actually doing the subsequent program. So the offer that's in there won't even apply because I've already gotten started with that. But at least you can go through the free training coaching part of it.

[00:03:44] And if you need any support, we can talk about it. So type hashtag productivity. So I can give you access to that. So. Think about your new year's resolution. I want you to think about a few areas that will help you this year. So first things first.

[00:03:58] What you need is an assessment of what really matters to you in your life. What, what really matters that assessment, if you don't know how to create that assessment around your productivity, then that group session that I told you about is going to walk you through it. So, basically, you need to assess where you are in terms of your short term and long term planning.

[00:04:21] What are the major key areas that you need to focus on for you to. To become more effective and productive and and the key thing that I'm wanting to take away from that is just because you're busy doesn't mean you will actually move forward And there are a lot of people who work hard and they're busy But nothing moves forward in their life year after year and they're in the same grind same challenges But what will actually help you move forward?

[00:04:43] Exponentially, not just linearly, but exponentially. What will 10 X your growth? That requires you to actually do the thinking, which means that you dive into your life and see what's happening, what's working, what's not, what do you need to focus on to move forward?

[00:04:56] So you need to assess that. If you don't know how to do that, then Yeah, just type hashtag productivity. I'll give you access to 21 to our group coaching session. 130 minute training with a worksheet that will help you take care of that in a powerful way. So that's the 1st 1 2nd. You need a vision. I actually just finished the first session of the program that I offered at the end of that productivity, which is closed for now, because I'm doing that this weekend.

[00:05:26] Next week, I'm taking investors and entrepreneurs through four group coaching sessions that are two hours each. The first one of that session is on vision that I just finished right before this. You need a powerful vision for your life. Whatever you create, if you're trying to create a business, a life by design, a new path, a new thing that you're doing, you need a vision for that.

[00:05:49] It needs to make sense. In relation to the rest of your life, if you don't have that vision, a lot of things break down. And a vision is much bigger than most people think. It's not just the things that you want. It's the person that you're becoming in the process. It's the contributions that you're creating as you're becoming that person.

[00:06:06] And why that vision is important to you. And we go much deeper and we work through that in a specific framework. So you need a clear vision. If you don't know how to do that on your own, Just type hashtag vision. I'll give you free access to my course. You just need to jump into my Facebook group, which is a free group.

[00:06:29] As long as you go sign up for that, it's completely free. Then you will get access to my course that I sell for. I think it's 47 on my website. I'll walk you through that vision building process. It's not live, but you can do it at your own pace. So type hashtag vision there, but you need a powerful vision that's connected to that.

[00:06:49] Why that you have that makes it important enough for your mind to focus on a consistent basis. Most people will drop their their resolution because There is not a driving force inside of them. There's no motive. There's not a powerful motivation inside of them that why that will take them forward the motive behind it.

[00:07:10] The key word in there is the motive behind it. They haven't done the deeper work around that. So their mind doesn't know how to make that decision. So it just focuses on different things. It keeps getting distracted by different things. If you don't have that powerful vision, you will get distracted. The next piece of this is, and like I said, type hashtag vision, I'll give you access to that, is strategy.

[00:07:39] You need assessing in a vision is a great place to start, but just having a vision does not mean you will move forward. You need a strategy, which means that you need to break down how you're going to go towards that, what are the habits you're going to build, and those habits are really important. Part of your strategies, your habit systems and habits can or or around your thoughts, your emotions in your behavior.

[00:08:06] And that's the field of psychology. But if you don't have a strategy for the next few years, 5 to 10 years and for the next year for the next few months, then you're going to drop everything because It's not important enough. It's not connected to a bigger vision. You don't have a plan around it. And if you don't have a plan, you're not going to make it happen.

[00:08:24] And part of that strategy is the social world around you. You would have heard that you're the average of five people around you. Part of both the vision and strategy is that we're going to be your supporters. We're going to be your growth friends. We're going to be your collaborators on the path that you're in.

[00:08:40] You're not going to do this alone. You don't want to do this alone. If you don't have a community, if you don't have a support structure, definitely join my Facebook group because you're Now, I provide a lot of training, support, coaching in that process. You will see other amazing people that are part of it.

[00:08:55] You need to do this with other people who understand your vision and strategy, who are going to remind you, support you, encourage you to do this. And especially if you don't have that in your surroundings, around your family and friends, or you don't have enough of that, you need that. So your strategy, habits that are connected to your social.

[00:09:15] World. So these two are some sets of that. So it's part of the whole process. You part of your vision is to think about what what you're creating part of your strategies to build the habits that will make that happen upon that will make that happen. And part of that vision and strategies to have your social world your social.

[00:09:36] Let's put it this way. Instead of social or social support. And the reason for the social support is that. Yeah, we're human beings. We're a social species. We're more like wolves than we are like tigers. Tigers can operate alone for the whole year and maybe come across another tiger to mate and then they do their own hunting.

[00:09:59] Wolves don't operate like that. That's the nature of our species. We hunt together. We grow together. We laugh together. We deal with adversity together. So if you're doing all this alone in your head, it's not working. You go into all sorts of challenges from procrastination to Disconnection to distraction to trauma and all sorts of things that will stop you from moving forward.

[00:10:22] But if you have a strategy, you have your habits and social support system and you have a vision, you are assessing what's happening. You're going to move forward. So if you don't know how to build that strategy again, type hashtag strategy. I'll give you access to that course that has the strategy as part of it.

[00:10:38] It's completely free. You don't have to pay me anything. And, the last piece you need to understand is action.

[00:10:49] When you get, go through this whole process of assessment, vision, strategy, then you understand what are your needle moving actions. And you actually need to refine what those are. And that requires deeper thinking that requires you to see your blind spots that requires you to look at different parts of your life that requires somebody else to look at your life and see what you're paying attention to what you're not.

[00:11:15] This is why I have coaches and mentors. This is why some of the most successful people around the world. Have mentors and coaches. You're not going to run into anybody who's successful, happy, fulfilled, and they will tell you, no, they did this all on their own. They might say it on the surface, but if you dig a little bit deeper, you will hear that, oh, they had this powerful mentor.

[00:11:32] In fact, they will have, they would have had multiple mentors and coaches that helped them move through that path. This is why athletes, professional athletes would get coaches and mentors. And if you don't have that, you don't know what the needle moving actions are in your life for your new resolution, then you're going to struggle.

[00:11:53] You're going to try to be busy with different things and nothing will move forward. So what do you need for that? You need support, whether you join my group for that, or you can actually Book a short call with me. You can type hashtag call, be below wherever you're listening to this or hearing this, and I'll book a short call with you.

[00:12:13] Make sure it's in a context where I can actually message you. , if you don't have my contacting, you're listening to this on podcast, just message me at [email protected] or just go to my website and book a short call with me. So you are just type hashtag call if you're listening to this on my social media and I'd love to book a 30 minute call to support you to understand what are the meal moving actions, but going through the productivity coaching session the vision building process that I'm going to give you for free when you type that below.

[00:12:45] It's going to help you understand a lot of that on your own. And finally,

[00:12:52] learning to communicate your vision that goes back to the social support, but a huge part of becoming a leader, a business owner, a influencer, somebody who is supporting others around you. If you don't know how to communicate your vision, if you don't have the right words, if you cannot get people to. Be motivated around you.

[00:13:13] You cannot sell things around. You cannot market yourself You're gonna struggle in your business and life. You're gonna struggle in your personal life with your family and friends You're gonna struggle in your business with your partners with your employees and other people So if you don't understand the framework on how to communicate that vision so you can enlist more social support Whether that's in the form of customers, collaborators, business partners, and other people around you or family and friends and your close people.

[00:13:41] It's the most amazing thing. When I meet a lot of investors or entrepreneurs, the person that supports them the least many times is the person closest to them, their life partner. And they don't know how to communicate that vision so they don't know how to support them. And then what they, what ends up happening is that they go through life becoming more resentful and frustrated.

[00:14:02] Why? Because they don't know how to communicate and then they end up pointing to the other person that they, they're not supporting me. They're not understanding me. They're not hearing me. Well, you have never developed the skill to communicate your vision. If you don't know how to do that, you're going to struggle.

[00:14:18] By the way, this whole process applies to your whole life, but it can apply to your resolution.

[00:14:26] So the reason why it applies to your resolution, because your resolution, your New Year's resolution needs to fit into the bigger vision for your life. If you don't have that, and you just create a on the side resolution, I want to lose weight, or I want to be healthier, or I want to be better in my relationship.

[00:14:44] And you haven't thought deeper about your vision about your strategy about assessing your life about your needle moving actions. You don't know how to communicate that you're going to struggle. And this is where you fall off within 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month, 3 months tops people fall off their New Year's resolution.

[00:15:01] But if you want to create a vision for creating a powerful life and also move forward your resolution, then this is the process. Think, assess your life, what's happening, what's working for you, what's not working, where are the areas you're efficient and effective. Where are the areas you are not?

[00:15:16] Where are the areas you are busy with? Busy work versus the work that actually moves the needle. Where are the things that truly, deeply matter to you and your soul and your consciousness? What is your strategy for making it happen over the course of the next 5 to 10 years? Not just the next year. And once you understand the 5 to 10 years, the next year becomes much more clear for you.

[00:15:37] So if you don't have that, you're going to struggle. If you don't know how to communicate, you will struggle as a business owner. You'll struggle as a leader. You'll struggle as a father, as a mother, as all those, we don't know how to communicate that vision to those around you. So if you want to work through that, a couple of key things you need to type in below hashtag productivity, so I can give you.

[00:15:59] The productivity group coaching session for you to do the assessment within that there's actually a tool that will give you a better habit system 30 minute training on top of the two hour group coaching session type hashtag vision. So I can give you access to my course for free and also type

[00:16:15] hashtag call. If you need to understand how to assess and think about the needle movers in your life, if you don't know how to assess that properly, because you don't want to waste another year not growing exponentially, you can 10X your growth in the next year if you went through this process, but if you've never been taught this, I never learned this in school, nobody taught me, I had to learn this as I move forward, put the pieces together and create a process to help me accelerate.

[00:16:44] This is how I've been able to create a couple of businesses. This is how I've been able to create a life that is based on freedom, where I get to do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want to do it. That's the most powerful part of the value of creating a business and a path forward or an investment thing pipe forward is you get to buy your time.

[00:17:04] If you don't know how to do that, you're going to struggle. And if you haven't gone through this process, you're going to struggle. Even if you've jumped in already, you're going to be distracted. You're going to procrastinate. You're going to feel like you are not the right person in there. This is like your identity will be in a crisis mode.

[00:17:19] And we call it imposter syndrome. You're going to go through all that because you just haven't done the work. You've never been taught this. You want to go through this powerful process. Type hashtag productivity, hashtag vision, and hashtag call so I can support you further this coming year. I'm so excited for this year because I'm already going through a program for amazing investors and entrepreneurs right now.

[00:17:40] Like I said, that program is closed completely, but I can at least support you with the free. Content that I have it's not out there in my content in my podcast But these are the group free group sessions and courses that i've created to support you Why do I do this? Well, once you go through that you're going to see results and you're going to develop i'm going to build some trust with you And eventually either you're going to connect with me Me with somebody who I will serve with my paid programs or you're going to work with me so yes, there is a part of this is a business that I run but I I I created a business to support people to build a life that matters to them.

[00:18:17] , Not because I just wanted to create a business. There are much easier businesses to create, models to create, especially now that I've understood how businesses work. The reason why I love this process is because it's deeply connected to who I am. I struggled with these things growing up. I struggled as a human being.

[00:18:32] I struggled as a As a father, as a leader, as a son, I struggled with my spiritual beliefs, struggled with my productivity, struggled with my achievement, with my happiness, joy, none of that was taught in school. I had to learn over the past 15 plus years of studying the stuff, working through it, and then about six months of working with my coaches.

[00:18:56] And what I realized was exponential growth. If you haven't gone through that process, make sure you take advantage of the free content that I'm giving you and let's book a call because you will be amazed by the level of growth that you create. I wish you the best in this year ahead, and I hope you continue on your resolution, but hope is not a strategy.

[00:19:15] Make sure you work through this process until my next video. Hope you have an incredible day.


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