Dealing with Worry and Anxiety

Dec 27, 2022

Have you felt a heightened sense of worry and anxiety in yourself, your home, and your community?  Since the pandemic we have been constantly fed the idea that someone is going to die, somebody is going to get ill around us, we are going to lose our jobs, etc. and so collectively those kinds of thoughts and emotions are amplified. We have become almost stuck in our worry and anxiety. 


You should first recognize that worry and anxiety are a very normal part of the human condition. As we are faced with change or challenging situations we tend to fear whether or not we can handle the struggles ahead. “What if I can't handle all these struggles? What if I'm not enough? What if I can't work through this? What if my competencies are not enough?”

So many “what if’s” can cause you to spiral into that emotional turmoil of worry and fear. 


By bringing awareness to those thoughts and emotions you can overcome them! You can change your thought process and help others along the way. 


Make sure to watch the full episode and discover how you can Deal with Worry and Anxiety!


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