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interview my story vision Sep 12, 2022

When you feel really stuck and in the same rut and aren’t sure how to make your big goals and dreams come true and feel that you just don’t have what it takes – you are not alone. And believe it or not – everyone that you look up to and envy as a success has felt the exact same way. Our personal development is the key to our success.

Especially as an entrepreneur, freelancer, business owner, coach, content creator, investor, or speaker and author our personal development will limit and hold back our business development. Our personal development ceiling is our success ceiling.

You may have already felt and see this for yourself. That’s why investing in you is investing in your business. I know I have hit and had to break through many ceilings as I quit my job to become a full time freelancer, educator and designer so I am bringing to you one of my best sources of help in this area.

Today we have as a guest - Faisal Ensaun. He is my certified high performance coach - and he is the founder of the Space Creators Community, co-founder of Coaching Mastery Community, and co-host of The Coaches Journey podcast and a remarkably intuitive guide and coach.

Since 2015 he’s coached over 2000 individuals in both one-on-one and group settings including students, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and athletes and people just like you: Make your potential your reality by leveling up in business and life. Without compromising your joy, peace, health, & relationships now to get there. More about group coaching with Faisal Ensaun at

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