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Do You Have The Energy? energy productivity Aug 29, 2017

In this video I ask an important question about an idea that you need to be honest about in your day to day life, if you are going to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

If you are interested in creating a happy, successful and fulfilling life, make sure you check out the following link. I...

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Are You Self Aware Apr 12, 2017


In this video you will learn How to become aware of your thoughts and emotions in order to be at peace with yourself and take charge of your Mind and consequently take charge of your life. 

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1) Click here to watch the video and post your comments on the YouTube video...

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How to be more confident - 3 powerful ways confidence Mar 30, 2017


In this training video, you will learn:

- What confidence means
- 3 powerful ways to be more confident
- 1 tip at the end to transform your approach to confidence.

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2) Click here to subscribe to...

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Adam Dare Interview adam dare interview success Mar 15, 2017


In this replay for the live interview with Adam Dare, you will learn:

+ The secret to success as an entrepreneur
+ Handling failure, obstacles and rejection in fitness and in life.
+ The secret to staying in great shape
+ How to develop the motivation to stay healthy
+ Practical tips to...

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Difficult Times Feb 28, 2017

In this Facebook Live video replay I give a few tips on how to deal with difficult times in life. If you listen to the video and think about applying these tips, it will help you reduce the amount of stress that you are going through and it will also help you to start seeing the positive aspect...

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Courage courage Feb 13, 2017

 Courage, do you have it?

In this video training, you will learn:

- How to define courage properly.
- What it takes for people to be courageous.
- What it took for me to be courageous.
- How do collective thought patterns affect your level of courage
- How to deal with your imaginary fears.
- 3...

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You Are Already Successful Jan 30, 2017

In this Facebook live replay you will Learn: 

 That you are already successful and I will show you how and why. This is the replay for the FACEBOOK LIVE training that I did this afternoon, enjoy!

Make sure you watch the video till the end, you don't want to miss the amazing bonus at...

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Howtogetclarity clarity how to get clarity Oct 06, 2016

How to get more Clarity:

In this week's blog, I share with you two important ideas about how you can get clarity in your life and I also discuss what areas of your life should you have more clarity in. 

Think about the following questions as you watch this week's episode and write down...

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Howtostayfocused focus how to stay focused Sep 30, 2016

How to stay focused 

In this video, I share with you 3 powerful ideas that will help you stay focused in life.Before you watch the video, ask yourself the following questions.

1) What is my mission or vision in life?

2) What kind of thoughts and emotions do I focus on a consistent basis?


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secretstohappiness happiness Sep 11, 2016

Secrets to Happiness

In this blog post I talk about some ideas that can create happiness within your life. Before you watch the video, ask yourself the following questions.

1) Am I happy in my life?

2) How can I create more happiness in my life?


Don't forget to:

1) Click here to...

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Day30purposefulife 30 day challenge purposeful life Sep 01, 2016

Purposeful Life - Day 30 (30 day challenge)

Here are the challenge questions for day 30! 


1) Do you live your life based on what makes you happy and based on you expressing your authentic self? If yes why or if no why?

2) Do you have an Intention for your life in general and do...

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Day29blindallegiance 30 day challenge blind allegiance Aug 31, 2016

Blind Allegiance - Day 29 (30 day challenge)

Here are the challenge questions for day 29!


1) Do you notice more negative in people, in how people live, the groups that they belong to and the way they do things compared to yourself? If so, why? If you don’t, then what do you...

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